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A Chronic Care and Remote Patient Monitoring Program

Now Available for Patient with Chronic Conditions

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For Patients

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For Doctors Offices

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For Senior Housing

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ABOUT Concierge Wellness

Your Medical Home is a healthcare company comprised of doctors, nurse practitioners, nurses and care staff who are dedicated to improving people’s lives by changing the way the world experiences healthcare by bringing Health Care to you. Our Concierge Wellness program is designed to deliver comprehensive, compassionate medical wellness services to adults. It enables the doctor to extend their care outside the office. We understand that navigating the healthcare system is complicated and accessing the type of care you need, when you need it, is even more complex. This is why we provide each patient with a nurse who checks in regularly to assess and coordinate additional care and therapy as needed. We protect your patient privacy while prioritizing your healthcare needs so you can focus on living well.


Improves visibility between visits

Caring for at-risk populations takes time and attention. Given many competing priorities, physicians have limited time and visibility into what is happening in between visits. Our care team can help your practice or facility manage patient care during that time.

Empowers patients and providers

YMH Chronic Care Management brings clinical expertise and patient-centered approach to drive adherence to provider care plans. Improved coordination of care, increased patient engagement and seamless workflow integration drive sustainable outcomes for senior living facilities and medical practices.

The power of partnership

With over 20 years of experience, YMH understands the importance of partnering with providers and senior housing. Serving as an extension of your practice or facility, we help ensure care coordination is focused at the patient level, taking the extra time needed with each patient in between visits.

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